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Kiss Me

It's been awhile...

Posted on 2007.07.11 at 19:56
Current Location: My new place
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Here is a quick summary of feelings, actions, and events:

*Turned down 5 job offers in Las Vegas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Arizona.

*Moved in with Joe.

*Have been busy doing fun things like remodeling and decorating.

*Still working at Chili's--still hate it.

*Shot a beer can with a 12 gauge shotgun.

*I'm giving up hope on/desire for teaching, here or anywhere.

*Had lunch with Derek.

*Never thought I'd hear myself say it, but I just wanna be a housewife.

*Joe made me run...and nothing was chasing me (but I almost died).

*Got in my first fight with Joe, over (of course) my friendship with Derek.

*Learned how to drive a stick-shift.

*Locked myself in the bathroom since it's the only private place I have now to cry.

*Smiled many, many times--had a lot of fun.

*Went rollerblading with Joe since he bought be rollerblades.

*Worried about my future and getting old (23 this month!).

*Became an Aunt to little Abbigale Susan.

*Met my Dad's black mistress (I just found that one interesting...).

*Went fishing.

*Had a lot of sex.

*Enjoyed the last two weeks that Joe has had off work.

*Applied for a cocktail waitressing job at MGM Detroit.

I think that sums it up, basically. It's been a very fun/confusing/hard/wonderful couple months. Can only hope it gets better from here. Still nervous about what my life holds and how capable I am of screwing it up and myself over. Hope I haven't made a huge mistake.


ninjamarion at 2007-07-12 01:53 (UTC) (Link)


You moved in with Joe? You guys' own place, or just moved in with him and Larry?
stardust_misery at 2007-07-14 06:05 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Wow...

I moved in with him and Larry, since we don't really know what's going to happen yet with GM or with us moving to another state or something. It's like a two-for-one deal, lol.
Kevin Newman
newmaniumk at 2007-07-12 03:55 (UTC) (Link)
whats pushed you away from teaching?
stardust_misery at 2007-07-14 06:06 (UTC) (Link)
I dunno. Part of it might just be that I'm frustrated with the MI job market and have turned down so many job offers out of state. Part of it might be that I've found a new comfort zone. But I think it is a mulitude of things that just added up. I'm not saying I won't do it, but I just not motivated at the moment...
Kevin Newman
newmaniumk at 2007-07-14 06:20 (UTC) (Link)
I totally understand those feelings. Frustrated with MI, and the whole "comfort zone" and "not motivated" thing. Those three exact things are some of the biggest reasons why I said "F it" and moved to Chicago and took this new job. I needed a change in my life, you know?

Don't worry though, you will get through it.
pnaautodet at 2013-02-17 02:41 (UTC) (Link)
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